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We Grow the People, Who Grow Your Business

Global Learning Partners Inc. (GLP), is a Southern California training firm. We provide employee training. Using blended learning techniques and strategic training models we provide training solutions. We work collaboratively with our clients to diagnose before we prescribe solutions. We have helped organizations large and small to improve team productivity and performance.

Ask these questions to determine if you are maximizing the team members talents.

​Does your company practice continues improvement within all departments and with all team members?

Does your company align talent and establish goals for each team member to grow?

Does your company measure employee and organizational performance accurately?

Does your company provide quarterly education for team members?

Does your company offer ‘Ambassador’ training for each team member?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, we can help.

Whether you seek coaching for the leadership team, developing new supervisors, or providing compliance training,

WE ARE PREPARED TO HELP. Let our team help your team today.

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We Grow the People, Who Grow Your Business

Our Performance

Our customers expect the highest level of expertise and knowledge from our trainers and we deliver the highest level.  With a strong research and development team we provide futurist solutions to today’s issues.  We  match the backgrounds of our trainers to the client organization so that there is an understood identity between company and trainer that makes the training facilitation extremely effective.

Customers evaluate our trainers on a variety of fronts; such as:

Delivery Approach | Content Relevance | Trainers Knowledge Base | Material Flow

Trainers Professionalism | Learning Materials | Effectiveness | Diversity

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